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Blow that candle by Rossem-Klyn
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A shiny surprise by Rossem-Klyn
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Getting droned by Rossem-Klyn
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Rossem Klyn by ElenaDarkBerry by Rossem-Klyn
Mature content
Rossem Klyn by ElenaDarkBerry :iconrossem-klyn:Rossem-Klyn 15 3
A very little and odd thing
...But tell me dear-dear what happens when you push the most purehearted of people over the edge..?
 The very peak of rage and despair...thus, they can be the most funny person to make the show when they squirm...
In these lands of shadows, where darkness looms and follows. One dares not to enter, the sun. Where one is at risk of falling into his abyss, getting lost and possibly never to return or even get away. But what is this light ?
 Is it the cause of the shadows who lurking in the forest ? These shapeless figure can only be cast and darkened, even if light were to shine on it. Whatever it may be, don't hope they let you continue, walk through the gloom.
Move onwards, whatever may be holding you there. Since you are now the property of this land...
 But of course, a little seasoning is always needed when you become a part of it.
Perhaps corruption make these pure souls tastes much more exquisite isn't it ?
 A touch of darkness to taint these pure white s
:iconrossem-klyn:Rossem-Klyn 1 0
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Blow that candle
Here we are, this time of year again. As I got one more year to the counter.

This time it's feature a kind, poor and gentle elf abused and tricked by the evil :iconsrasomeone: & :iconrubberlink: as he desesperatly try to blow off the flame of the candle before wax start to drop on the pretty cake.

Madness...madness....absolute madness...

On a more serious note however, a big thank's to the both of them for this picture.
Without forgetting people who have wish me an happy birthday on others medias.

Thank you all, kindly =) !
A shiny surprise
And a surprise easy to understand, with what will follow after that, especially when :iconphantomdotexe: happen to be droned ;) !

Serving as an experiment or a pleasure doll for an elf, who can know....

As the artstyle suggest, it is a commission made for me by the sweet :iconmadpuffins: .
If you enjoyed it, don't forget to peek an eye at his tumblr here :
Or Furaffinity :…
Feb 10, 2017
:iconrossem-klyn:Rossem-Klyn has changed their username (formerly Drfoolamour)
Just a copy of what I post of Furaffinity, got no strenght with that...

Soooo....John Doe release the stuff I commissionned him with.

And people reblog it without shame, tagging it as futa, demoness and sissy.

Isn't it's oblivious enough about him be a male ? Or should I try to kick all these people ?

Some even use it as an avatar already, removing me the pleasure to do so.

Had to make a tumblr to prevent people to steal character as well.

I'm really sick and annoyed with this planet.......=(

Ps: Maybe I will try to commission other elf as well to try to fix things.......
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Rossem-Klyn's Profile Picture
Rossem Klyn
You see… fleshy person… sometimes life gives you lemons. And when that happens… you need to find some spell that makes lemons explode, because lemons are terrible. I only ate them once like this and I can say with certainty they are the worst fruit, maybe ananas can beat it tho.... If life gave me lemons, I would view it as nothing short of a declaration of war or hatred.

What I’m saying, giant talking bag of flesh, is that everyone is stupid. They attain a narrow grasp of reality and live their life as though there is nothing else. But you, me, creatures with imagination – we aren’t constrained by our experiences. We’re inspired by them. If we have trouble digging with a spoon, we build a shovel. If we’re stopped by a wall, we make a door. And if we can’t make a door, we ask ourselves whether we really need an opening to pass through something solid in the first place. Or just blow it up by using something stronger.

It’s like… to someone who only knows how to dig with a spoon, the notion of digging something as large as a trench will terrify them. All they know are spoons, so as far as they’re concerned, digging is simply difficult. The only way they can imagine it getting any easier is if they change – digging with a spoon until they get stronger, faster, and tougher. And the dangerous people, they’ll actually try this.

Everyone who will ever oppose you in life is a crazy, burly dude with a spoon, and you will never be able to outspooning them. Even the powerful people, they’re just spooning harder and more vigorously than everyone else, like hungry orphan children eating soup. Except the soup is power. Or gaspacho.

Should I commission stuff more explicit ? If yes, about which character ? 

11 deviants said Rossem Klyn (rubber and latexmancer)
6 deviants said Yes
2 deviants said No
1 deviant said Rossem Klyn (gasses mancer)
No deviants said Giannina & Giannino
No deviants said Mahdgi Zaguri
No deviants said Linkly


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