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It's been a long day, and you're happy to just swing by the pet shelter. The owner is a friendly lady; Alexandra (her name) is always pleased to see you. She greets you, like all customers, with a smile, a grin, and a friendly handshake.

One day, while you're examining the pets, you notice that a door is ajar. Hearing a mewling coming from inside it, you peek your head in - and to your surprise you see a cage! A massive cage, in fact, two meters by two meters. It's far too large for ordinary housecats, and it strikes you as very strange.

When you move in to examine, you have difficulty seeing anything - the lights are out. After a few seconds of fiddling in the dark you find the light switch.

To your surprise, there is a cat iniside, but it's no kitten - it's a person! A man, snugly wrappen in a white skintight outfit. His arms and legs are completely covered in shiny white neoprene, like a swimsuit, and his hands are covered in gigantic paw bondage mitts. He mewls at you through a tight white bondage hood, begging for release, or begging for some attention.

It is a few moments later that you turn around and see Alexandra the pet store owner.

"Looks like someone got out of their cage...." she sprays something in your face and you fall unconscious.


Your arms are helplessly immobile, strapped together in an implacably tight self-hug; each of your fists is further trapped in a 'bondage mitt,' keeping you from accessing any gadgets or even manipulating anything. The straitjacket is absolutely covered in this tiny rubber straps, and it's infuriating. You can get some slack, but every time you get a few inches it just bounces back and returns to its usual tightness.

Which is just as bad as your legs; with gigantic latex bands at your thighs, ankles, and calves, you're not going anywhere. Your feet have this annoying single-shoed boot, too, which seems to be weighted down... if you could just get out of this room, you're sure you could hop to freedom. Or at least hop.

And you're suspecting that that's not on the menu. The cameras in the room project every second of your torment to the lenses in your mask; every time you moan, squirm , shudder from the stimulation pads' intermittent vibrations and shocks... and every time you just helplessly squirm across the floor, creating long squeaks, you see it in high definition. For a brief moment, you can see someone open the door to the room... only to stare, grin, and close the door with a loud lock.

And that's when the machines come back to life; your prison is so completely tight, so sublimely engineered that there's no *need* to release you from it. You can feel the plug in your bottom and the sheath around your member adhering perfectly. It's a splendid fit; if you weren't so terrified and turned-on you'd take the time to marvel t all the engineering.

When She returns, she's bringing toys. A pair of massive paws, padded with foam and with a rubberized galvanic exterior - what's she going to do with them?

Of course, they go on your hands! she removes the mitts and adds the paws, before running a finger over them and sealing them in place.

And what about the tail? Well, she is more than happy to attach it to your butt-plug. Luckily, your waste needs are already taken care of... with time, you get the feeling you'll be able to move it. At a price, of course...

And finally, the hood. Ah, the hood! Your lenses are going into overdrive and you can feel the mask giving your pheremones. You hypnotically stand still as she moves this great mask - like a black panther's face - over your head. A massive collar locks in place, and you can see her casually throw the key into the drain.

"Come, kitty... we have a lot of training to do."


Mistress Alexandra - or just Mistress as you've taken to calling her - has you trained in the arts of seduction, but more importantly, in the art of submission.

The first few days go quickly. She introduces you to all manner of latex, rubber, and more equipment. She knew you'd enjoy it, and after just three days you're no longer sleeping in the cage.

Of course, you're still sleeping bound. A tight collar, a pair of cuffs, straps to keep you on the bed; she wants to make sure her new permanent slave isn't going to run away.

One day, she puts you back in the kitty-suit. Thick neoprene covering your body, it encompasses and totally imprisons you. Only a sheathe for your shaft gives you any hope of pleasure ,but she simply laughs and grins whenever you try to grope yourself with your kitty-paws.

"Nice try, pet.... but that's another punishment for you! We both know that only serving your mistress brings you pleasure... your feeble attempts at self-fornication are of no use."

She pins you down. "In fact, I'm afraid that all that just serves to tease you more... it gets you hot and bothered! I'm afraid that we can't have that." It was on that day that she introduced the 'chastity belt'. A thick metal belt keeps you from any hope of pleasuring yourself... making you totally reliant on her.

"When you can come on command, your training is complete."


One day, an unknown amount of time later, Alexandra enters. By now you're her willing slave, working in the Pet Shop.

"I've decided to add a new pet to the collection!" She says.

She puts you in a cage, then hides the cage. For much of the day, women and men enter and visit the pet store. She scans and analyzes each one, then looks to you. "Bark when you see one you like."

Eventually, the fellow pet of your dreams appears. Alexandra is only too happy to capture her.

"Excellent work, pet..." she says. "We've got a lot to do to induct our new pet to the family!"

She tugs on your collar.

"Now.... come!"
A text written by Phantomdotexe who was kind enough to do it. If you appreciate it, it would be good to make it knowto  the writer :)
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