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...But tell me dear-dear what happens when you push the most purehearted of people over the edge..?
 The very peak of rage and despair...thus, they can be the most funny person to make the show when they squirm...

In these lands of shadows, where darkness looms and follows. One dares not to enter, the sun. Where one is at risk of falling into his abyss, getting lost and possibly never to return or even get away. But what is this light ?

 Is it the cause of the shadows who lurking in the forest ? These shapeless figure can only be cast and darkened, even if light were to shine on it. Whatever it may be, don't hope they let you continue, walk through the gloom.
Move onwards, whatever may be holding you there. Since you are now the property of this land...

 But of course, a little seasoning is always needed when you become a part of it.
Perhaps corruption make these pure souls tastes much more exquisite isn't it ?
 A touch of darkness to taint these pure white souls is what they hope is what you think indeed.
 Corrupting them with sweet sweet sweet words of deceit and temptation like they are in the palm of my shiny hands.
 Tainting the blessed by exposing their so repressed darkest desire, chaining them back to the sins of this world.
 Black jewels of shame and guilt to adorn these so-called proud people...
...who now ending as mere slaves for their desires.

  Truly that's the very definition for a fine feast !..?

Now then, won't you come join me, or them in this banquet of sins ?
What is it ? Me posting a text in english directly ? This is madness D: !
Thus, i will hope they excuse me if they detect possible english errors inside.
But what matter more is...why ? Why a text, may he contain hints for an incoming text about some woods or picture mhm...that's a good question. May reading this grant you luck in your researchs
a very interesting text
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February 18, 2016
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