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Sleep my fine and young prey
Quietly the clear moon looks down on us
Into your shiny cradle
I will tell you stories, about what will happening to you
I will sing you a song, who will run through your body
Sleep on, close your eyes for enjoy

My creations runs over this rocky bed
And splashes its in dark waves
A bounty hunter crawls along edge of the woods
Sharpening his dagger
But the siteholder
Hardened by many centuries
So sleep, my shiny darling, undisturbed,

The time will come, you will learn for yourself
The way of life who waiting you
Firmly placing your foot in the ground of the forest
And grasp even to your name
Sleep, my darling, my owned one,

Such a fine rubbery creation you will be
A squeaky toy in your tainted soul
I will watch you go, see you on your way,
Waving my hand when you wandering in these woods.
How wicked my smile will be
I will be more than happy on that night when you go seeking preys....
With no special title in mind I'm afraid, even if I tried to find one.

 And as the title suggest, a little tease for the Old woods part 2, for making people wait.

Feel free to comment or fave as usual.

 I do apologize in advance for the bad english here, tried to reduce faults to the maximum.
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August 7, 2016
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Mature Content


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