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Just a copy of what I post of Furaffinity, got no strenght with that...

Soooo....John Doe release the stuff I commissionned him with.

And people reblog it without shame, tagging it as futa, demoness and sissy.

Isn't it's oblivious enough about him be a male ? Or should I try to kick all these people ?

Some even use it as an avatar already, removing me the pleasure to do so.

Had to make a tumblr to prevent people to steal character as well.

I'm really sick and annoyed with this planet.......=(

Ps: Maybe I will try to commission other elf as well to try to fix things.......
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BannonAKAHarpsichord Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
If I understand you correctly, you commissioned John Doe to draw your characters, and now, he posted those images to his furaffinity account. But now, people are using the art of your character around the web, and it's not theirs, it's yours. You have every right to be mad about that. :(
Rossem-Klyn Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
Nah, John Doe is right, since he posted it on SinnerGate and his tumblr. I do not think he has a FuAffinity account however.

About your second sentence are right. Unfortunately. I guess next time I will pay an extra for make it private.

Since carrot and stick work on people every single time
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January 11